I just received the latest issue of IDEA Fitness Journal and see that they have awarded Dan McDonogh with the highest honor achieveable by any Instructor; the 2012 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year!

Congratulations Dan!

RPM Instructors will recognize Dan as a long-time Master Trainer with Les Mills because Dan was frequently featured on their Instructor training videos.

Over the past couple of years Dan has transitioned away from RPM to his role as Group Training and Development Manager at TRX. I've seen Dan present to a group of what looked to be 100+ Instructors on TRX at the same time - fantastic! He is what I consider the ultimate instructor; he looks, speaks and acts the part to perfection. If you ever have the opportunity to take his class you're in for a treat.
I've tried unsuccessfully to have Dan on the Podcast a number of times and we were close to having him at the first ICI/PRO conference. Now I'll have to redouble my efforts at having him on the show... soon I hope.


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