WOW! What an exhausting (but fun and productive) week at the IDEA fitness conference in LA. There is so much I want to share with everyone and I hope to post as much as possible over the next week or so. I'll start with the best part, meeting some ICI/PRO members who were attending!

Darlene Levin and John Macgowan at IDEA

Darlene and Me doing one of my self-photos

I met Darlene Levin on Friday and we had a fun conversation until she was distracted by another John. Then I got to play photographer.

Darlene Levin and Johnny G

Then on Saturday I met Kerri Fleisher just before taking a CycleOps Threshold class. Kerri is from Las Vegas and she showed me some of the very cool class videos she makes using clips from Music Videos. She then shows them using her iPad. I need one of those... Kerri also showed me some video clips of indoor cycling classes she does with very young athletes. If we can make it happen I would love to have her on the Podcast to talk more about it.

Kerri Fleisher And John Macgowan

Kerri Fleisher and Me

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