Would you help me settle a bet?

Do (or would) Personal Trainers make good Indoor Cycling Instructors? I say yes, the coaching style of a Personal Trainer would work very well in an Indoor Cycling 2.0 classâ„¢. A Personal Trainer at my club says no, Personal Trainers should focus on individuals and leave the groups to us Instructors.

So I bet him lunch that I was right and I would let my community at ICI/PRO decide through this short 7 question anonymous survey.

My PT friend and I were discussing what we both agree is an invisible wall that separates Group Fitness & Cycling from Personal Training. It maybe different where you teach, but I don't see very many Personal Trainers teaching Aerobics classes or leading cycling classes. Other than small group /boot camp classes, I don't see much group interaction at all.

Why is that?  Rather than guess I have an optional question on the survey where you can let me know your thoughts.



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