My wife Amy and I commit to taking a warm vacation each year.Somewhere in Jamaica

You could say we are addicted to our annual trip to Jamaica or Mexico. Sometimes we even bring our kids.

We never could have afforded our 15+ trips without the help of my guest Suzelle Snowden from Fit Bodies Inc. and their Fitness Pro Travel service. If you are a certified Group Fitness Instructor, able to teach multiple formats, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying a week teaching and relaxing at some of the most beautiful all-exclusive-resorts in the Caribbean. Click here to see if you qualify to teach on a working fitness vacation.
Here's a link to the info from the show.

UPDATE 8/5/2012: Who would have thought that we would be celebrating the 4th anniversary of the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast? But we are and Amy and I continue to travel and teach in Jamaica - at least once (but often twice) every year 🙂

UPDATE 7/4/2013: No longer only for Group Fitness Instructors! Now there are multiple locations where an Instructor with a Spinning/Indoor Cycling certification can teach in exchange for a week in paradise.

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