Response to the survey on Heart Rate Training has been fantastic! I want to thank the 474 of you have expressed your experiences 🙂 We would still love to hear from you. Here's the link to take the short, anonymous survey.

I asked the question; Do you teach with a focus on Heart Rate?

Do you teach your Spinning class to heart rate?

And it appears that the majority (~90%) of you do. Congratulations... but many of you seem to be swimming against the tide and not getting much help from your club or studio 🙁

Does your club/studio promote Zone based Heart Rate Training?

38.7% of clubs where you teach don't promote Heart Rate training? Why is that? Actually it could make for another survey.

I do realize that I may have squed the question by adding "Zone based" but assuming it didn't, why wouldn't a club or studio want to promote Heart Rate training? Is it because;

  • Management doesn't see the value?
  • They don't think the members will see the value?
  • Their instructors don't want to talk about it in class? Obviously we are ready, willing and able.
  • Management doesn't care about their members?
  • Management doesn't think they will get any return $$$ on the effort?

I can't speak to the first four, but I have seen how the promotion of Zone based Heart Rate training can (and will) bring additional revenue to a club or studio. I'm not the only one. Spinning Master Instructor Janet Toussaint published this article on the benefits clubs and studios will see back in 2003. My top three reasons are:

  1. Increased Member Retention = $$$ - Member's who feel that are reaching their goals are more likely to stay members. This is so obvious to me I can't understand why a club isn't completely focused on doing everything they can to help members achieve their goals... the most important being body weight maintenance.
  2. Increased Referrals = $$$ - Members who reach their goals tell their friends!
  3. Increased Earnings Per Member = $$$ - An understanding of HR training leads to interest in purchasing a HR monitor, Metabolic testing and potentially participation in specialized (fee based) programs like weight loss boot camps or small group training.  All of this adds to the success of the member, which leads back to the increase in retention and referrals.

So why wouldn't a club promote HR training?




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