Schwinn Triple Link Pedal

If you have ever tried to remove the shoe clip from these Schwinn® Triple Link Pedals, then you know exactly what I'm talking about!

"Can you help me take these off? Always 2 minutes before class starts & leads to:

  • Bruised knuckles
  • Broken finger nails - 1/2 of us instructors are women
  • You look incompetent and uncoordinated in front of your class

Don't get me wrong. Having the flexibility to use SPD / LOOK cleated shoes or regular running shoes in an Indoor Cycling Class is great....


In a past life, before becoming the host of the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast, I was a mechanic who loved tools. OK I still do, but the point is that any job becomes easier and safer with the proper tool. So whenever I was fighting (or watching another Instructor or member fighting) with these pedals I would think "there needs to be a tool to remove these things."

So I Invented the Red Pedal Tool - Patent Pending

$35.97  at

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Check out this video to see how easily it works!

In stock and ready to ship!

Stainless steel construction, lifetime guaranty and made in the USA!

Red Pedal Tool

The perfect addition to your studio!

Red Pedal Tools are now available for $35.97

Visa - MasterCard - PayPal


Your Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If your new Red Pedal Tool fails to meet your expectations contact me and I will issue you a 100% refund + cover the return shipping costs - no questions asked. If it fails during normal use I will replace it No Charge.

Please contact me for bulk purchases or to use your company check -

Patent Pending - Deep Breath In, LLC

I need your help getting this information to your club owner or manager. Please this email this link now with a note saying how much better your class would be with the Red Pedal Tool.

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