Shake it off! We've got a bunch more miles to go.

Shake it off! We've got a bunch more miles to go.

This AM at around 6:23, I dripped sweat onto my iPhone's screen and accidentally switched on Shuffle. Of course I didn't realize my error until this great new track I'm using for openers comes on, for the second time.

Wait... didn't we already do this song?

Oh, Crap! Now what do I do? 

There are few things that scream ROOKIE INSTRUCTOR louder than manually switching between songs during a class.

Unsettling to be sure. Keep your cool John... smile... pretend you planed the class like this 🙂

So instead of freaking out, grabbing my phone and trying to get back to my intended track, I just rolled with it 🙂

I normally use three, 30 second hard efforts as my openers. To mix things up this morning I decided to use just two. The track I used is below which features two 45 sec segments; @ 1:00 and then again at 3:17.

The second time I had everyone repeat their efforts, while paying attention to their perceived effort. The song has an awesome build before you hear the I Don't Got Time For Pain that keys the 45 second big effort! It's about 62 RPM. I cue everyone to add load until they feel the need to stand, wait for I Don't Got Time For Pain and it's accelerating off to the races.

You can get the track here.



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