In this Video Profile Tom Scotto takes us through a progression of drills for teaching Explosive Power Sprints. Because the total time on this would be > 30 minutes I have broken it into 3 parts.

Part 1 focuses on coaching proper and safe form in what Tom calls...Form Sprints. Listen very carefully to Tom's intro where he describes; "You are responsible and accountable as the Instructor to know this well, to teach it well and cue it well."

Part 2 coming next week is building Form Sprints into Explosive Power Sprints

Part 3 brings both of these together into the big finish of a bike race; Criterium Sprints

NOTE: This series of four highly educational video profiles for ICI/PRO members only are filling in for the audio PROfiles for the end of July and mid-August. Your next audio PROfile will be towards the end of August.




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