A few weeks ago I noticed a new playlist along the left side of my main Spotify page titled Discover Weekly. I hadn”™t put it there myself, so I clicked on it to see what it was all about and I was pleasantly surprised at the incredible mix of songs that it included. I investigated further and found that it”™s a new feature that Spotify offers and it”™s amazing! It”™s like a fresh mix tape delivered to you every Monday.

According to Spotify, the songs included in your personal Discover Weekly playlist are based on your listening habits as well as what others are listening to. (Hint: Make sure you save your favorites because it will refresh every week! I created a new playlist called Discover Weekly Finds and then I will sort them out when I have more time.)

This week”™s favorite song of the week is called Happy (no, not THAT Happy...) and it came straight from my personalized playlist. It”™s from a group I”™d never heard of called C2C (feat. Derek Martin) . Check out this video of them performing the song live. They”™re using turntables to recreate the sounds of the drum and guitar and it”™s pretty cool:

I used it as a climb, but it would certainly also make a great warm up or flat road.


Click here for iTunes link.

Any great ‘Discover Weekly”™ finds to share?

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