This week”™s favorite track was originally released exclusively for iTunes when they launched Apple Music back on June 30th. Pharrell Williams”™ Freedom was also released just in time for the July 4th holiday, so it”™s definitely a great one to keep in mind for next year”™s Independence Day playlist or if you”™re ever making a playlist of inspirational songs .I”™m not sure exactly when it became available on other music services, but it is now available on Spotify and if you haven”™t yet heard it, you”™re going to love it!

Like Pharrell's wildly popular Happy, Freedom is catchy and infectious, but with a powerful message. Check out the video here and you”™ll see and hear just what I”™m talking about:

At about 95 BPM”™s it makes a great flat road or warm up.

Find it at Apple Music.

What are you listening to/using in your classes this week?

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