This week I”™m sharing two songs with you. The first is an older tune that I use every year to mark the end of summer. Well, not officially the end of summer, but the time when those of us that are teachers or have kids in school get back into the swing of things. It”™s always a bittersweet time of year for me because I do enjoy having my summers off, but I also see this time of year as a new start, much like January first is to some people.

This is actually a cover of the very popular song by Don Henley, Boys of Summer. This version is by The Ataris and is a bit more ‘cycle friendly”™ than the original. It lends itself very well to what I call ‘accelerations”™. You may call them ‘sprints”™ or ‘surges”™. Here”™s how I use it:

Seated flat road with accelerations on the chorus @ :45 (for 20 seconds); 1:45 (20 seconds) and 3:17 (20 seconds).


Here it is in iTunes!

*Fun Fact: The Ataris version replaced the ‘Deadhead sticker”™ reference with a ‘Black Flag”™ sticker in honor of the 80”™s punk band.

*You may also want to check out the DJ Sammy version, available on both Spotify and iTunes.

The second song I”™m sharing with you in hopes that someone is able to use it in their club, gym or studio. I recently saw this one performed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and fell in love with the sound, but because I teach at a YMCA, I”™m not sure that the lyrics are entirely appropriate. Here”™s hoping some of you can use it in your classes because it”™s just a great tune! Leave a comment and let me know if or how you”™ve used it!

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats — S.O.B.

Here it is in iTunes!


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