Movie soundtracks are great places to find fresh new tunes for your cycling classes.  If you want to incorporate this type of music into your classes but you're not sure where to start, Hans Zimmer is your guy.  He  has composed music for over 150 films and he's one of my favorites when I'm searching for a serious climb or a chase sequence with a fast flat road.  No lyrics paired with the orchestral sound allows your riders to focus on the ride and really work on form and function.   His newest work is from the motion picture everyone is talking about, Dunkirk.  Clocking in at around 8 minutes, Supermarine is one of my favorite tracks.  (Also check out Impulse and Home.)

Starting on a flat road, bring it up to a climb (alternating seated/standing) at around the 2:00 mark, adding gear every minute.  Things get serious in the final two minutes. Push with heavy gear all the way to the finish!

Supermarine by Hans Zimmer from Dunkirk (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) iTunes link 


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