Are you ready for some football??? Superbowl Sunday is just over a week away and if you are planning on creating a Superbowl themed ride or playlist this year, I have just the tunes to get you started.  First, here's a playlist that includes five tunes to get you started with your ride music:

Official Gameday Music of the NFL iTunes link

I found a decent playlist with music for the Panthers, but I wasn't able to find much for the Denver Broncos:

Black and Blue: Official Music of The Carolina Panthers iTunes Link

Something fun to add to your playlist might be a song or two from the halftime artist, Coldplay.  Maybe Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, Clocks,  Viva La Vida or Sky Full of Stars.  (I've also heard Beyonce' and Bruno Mars will be playing in the show)!

And just for fun, why not add in the NFL  theme song?  Here are a few versions:

NFL on Fox Bobby Morganstein iTunes link

The Theme to NFL on CBS by E.S. Posthumus iTunes link

And we can't forget about this one to get your riders ready for the big game:

Crowd Chant iTunes Link

I hope you can use some of these ideas as you put your Superbowl ride together this year!


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