If you have teenage boys at home like I do, you may have already heard the tracks I'm sharing today.  My guys love both soccer and basketball and when they aren't playing on the field and the court, they are often found in the basement with their friends playing FIFA or NBA on the Playstation.  FIFA 2016 came out earlier in the week and I get just as excited as they do because I love to check out the track lists when the new games come out.  I almost always find at least a few good songs to use in my classes.  (NBA 2K 2016 is coming out Friday.)

Here is a list of the entire track list for FIFA.  You're sure to find something you like.  One of the better known tracks on the list is New Rush by Gin Wigmore which has been appearing on my playlists for a while now.

Try this one for a flat road at around 100 rpm's.  It was just released in August 2015 and it has a great sound:

The Royal Concept — Smile

iTunes link

And here is one that was released in July 2015 and would make a great hill climb at around 62 rpm's.

Jax Jones — Yeah Yeah Yeah - Radio Edit

iTunes link

I can't wait to check out the NBA 2K 2016 playlist starting tomorrow!

Any other songs you're using from the list?

What's your favorite unique place to find new music?

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