Here's a song I use every once in a while in my classes and it seems that almost every time I do, someone asks, 'What is that song??"  It's unique, funky and fun and makes a great fast flat road at around 100 rpm's. Here is the original:

Jhameel — Feisty

iTunes link

Also check out one of the remixes here:


E.S. Posthumus has some great stuff that I've loved using in my profiles-especially those that involve a lot of climbing.  Wikipedia describes their sound as "a form of 21st-century classical music that intertwined popular style drum rhythms with orchestral and electronic  sounds".  (Fun fact:  E.S. is an acronym for "Experimental Sounds").

There are so many of their songs that I love using but the latest is around 3:00 in length, so if you're looking to plug a shorter hill song into your profile, this one should definitely fit the bill.  Go to their Spotify page to find many more!

E.S. Posthumus — Unstoppable

iTunes link

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