Interested in something new and different to rock your next cycling class?  Look no further. Beats Antique just came out with their new album Shadowbox on October 5, and you'll find some interesting tunes to add to your next playlist.  They've been around for about ten years, but they're definitely not mainstream.  There musical style covers many different genres, so you'll just need to listen for yourself.  One of my favorites to use (and probably one of their most popular) has been Beauty Beats from their 2008 album Collide (90 bpm). You can take a listen here:

iTunes Link: Beauty Beats by Beats Antique

If you're interested in trying out something from their new album, the definitely check out:

Sideswipe (riding at about 70 rpm)

Sideswipe by Beats Antique iTunes Link


Vendetta (another one at around 70 rpm)

Vendetta by Beats Antique iTunes Link

Check out the entire album here:

Shadowbox by Beats Antique iTunes album link

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