Instructors: It's been one of those weeks for new music.  Some really great tracks that you'll want to use in your classes right away have dropped and I'm going to share them along with how I'll be using them in this post!

To start, Imagine Dragons album Evolve is now released in it's entirety.  If you haven't been using the early releases (Believer, Whatever It Takes and Thunder) you should definitely give those a listen.  In addition, here are a few more that will come in handy:

I Don't Know Why (climb 61 rpm) iTunes Link

Rise Up (flat road 96 rpm) iTunes Link

Yesterday (faster hill 78 rpm) iTunes link

Mouth of The River (flat road 98 rpm) iTunes link

Fallout Boy has a few new pre-releases and my favorite is this one with it's motivational lyrics ("I've got nothing but dreams inside......If I can live through this, I can do anything").

Champion (flat road 95 rpm) iTunes Link

Not sure how I'm using this one yet, but I had to include this one by The Killers:

The Man iTunes Link

I hope you enjoy these new tunes to help you officially kick off the summer indoor cycling season!  Feel free to share your favorite new tunes in the comments!

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