Back on ICI Podcast #125 — Barbara Hoots Explains How To Get Your Playlist Order Right, Barbara explained the importance of using recognizable music in your class as an important little detail your class will really appreciate and enjoy. But the solution may not be playing the same old tired version everyone has heard a thousand times. Finding a new version, in the form of a cover, re-mix or mash-up, can really freshen up your playlist and add that special connection we all look to make with our students.

So where do you find these tracks?

Better question; where do you find these tracks and download them for FREE?

Barbara turned me on to as a fantastic source for music - much of it is not only free, but legal 🙂 Sound Cloud's users are made up of DJ's and Bands that upload their latest creations. Some are available as free downloads.

Like any other music discovery process, navigating through Sound Cloud will take some time. We're all spoiled with by the speed of iTunes' music sampling (I hate clicking and then waiting for something to happen) and I don't think you'll be disappointed by Sound Cloud. Their streaming is very fast and you can click on the music wave form to quickly sample within the song!

Go ahead and create a profile at Sound Cloud

Here's how to search Sound Cloud so you only see tracks that can be downloaded - NOTE: some tracks may have reached their download limit and no longer available. At the top go to Tracks > Search for Tracks and then tick the box for Show Advanced Search Options to see this: (click image to enlarge)Spinning Indoor Cycling class playlist music from SoundCloud

I set the Track/set type to Remix and then add search terms into the Tags/genres box. You may also what to choose the length of songs, long = ~9 minutes or more.
Looking for a fun 80's mix? Try this one (it includes promos).
Dj Vegaz - In The Lab - April 2010 Eighties Rock by Dj Vegaz

Click the little down arrow on the right to download.

Or this one.
Remix 80's by chavovaldivia
Let me know what else you discover.


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