We recently completed a survey of ICI/PRO members and got a huge amount of feedback that will help us better meet your needs, as we roll along here in year 4 of ICI/PRO.

One standout was the 82% positive response to the question "would you be interested in a full transcription of the Podcasts?" We received a number of additional comments the said you felt you retained more by reading along with the recording of the Instructor's presentation.

You're the Boss and your wish is our command 🙂

So now I need to know how you would like them delivered to you.

I've used this recent Podcast, featuring Larry "Link" Russell as a test. Have I mentioned that he's presenting for ICI/PRO at the SCW Boston Mania conference this Fall? More on that soon.

I'm not sure which you'd prefer, so I've included both a PDF transcription you can download and print along with including the copy at the end of the post. Please let me know if you prefer one or the other or both, by leaving a comment below or on the Podcast post.



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