Back to business this morning at the "Spa" (Minnetonka LifeTime Athletic Club & Spa) after the summer break. Everyone calls it the Spa because it's full name is just too much of a mouthful, especially in the early AM.

It's amazing how consistent (or maybe habitual is a better word) people tend to be. I zipped into the parking lot at 5:30 AM with a full 15 minutes to spare and pulled into the exact same slot, next to the exact same contractor's pickup, that I always use. Walked up to the front desk and was greeted; "good-morning John. Are you teaching again?" by that same friendly smile. I surprise myself by actually producing my membership card. "Yes, Monday's are back on the schedule" is my response as I turn toward the steps down to the locker room.

"Wait" I thought. I stopped, turned and walked back to the reception desk.

"Forgive me... I've forgotten your name."


"It's nice to see you again Cathy" I said before turning back toward the steps. I walked away feeling much better about myself for having the courage to confront something that I frequently struggle with... forgetting (or never asking) co-worker's and member's names.

Dressed for class and on my way up the stairs, when I had my second chance. A very familiar face, smile, "good morning John!" "I was excited to see that they added your class back for Fall."

It worked the first time. I'll try it again. "Good-morning, but forgive me... I've forgotten your name."

"Oh it's Betsy, but you have so many people's names to remember. I don't expect you to remember mine."

"Good-morning Betsy." "I'm looking forward to seeing your smile in class again." I said, seeing a mental image of her on her bike.

I already knew where she would be riding...



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