Free Class Music from ICI/PROGood things do happen on Craigslist! The original two that formed this group met there in 2011 , enabling them to quit writing jingles and go viral online instead :).

This 3:43, 90 rpm happy tune has my class working out of warm up and into a more serious flat road. Queuing, "add load to a place you'll be challenged and are willing to work from for the rest of the ride",  I set the tone for a ride of intense zone 3 (high aerobic zone) work.

Enjoy Capital Cities "Love Away" from their 2013 In A Tidal Wave of Mystery album. When you have some time, check out the whole album. It's got some great tunes on it!

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Capital Cities — Love Away

Deezer Link: Capital Cities - Love Away

Here's a great free download from from SoundCloud that's every bit as good as Capital Cities' in my opinion. (Remember to download right away, as downloads are often limited:

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