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Today”™s Friday Favorite is actually brought to you by ICI/PRO member and instructor, Chuck Cali. I am just the messenger!  Chuck has been using this rocking tune as a high cadence hill climb (85 rpm).  He says there is plenty of energy for everyone and the sax riffs are awesome.   John Cafferty originally did “On the Dark Side” with Beaver Brown for the soundtrack of Eddie and the Cruisers.  The version from the One Night in Weston CD is twice is long and the one he is using in his classes.

Here is the YouTube video from Eddie and the Cruisers.  The cadence is a bit faster than the One Night in Weston version and it is only 2:42 long, but it is good stuff!  Thanks Chuck!
Here's the 5:50 78 RPM live version in Spotify and here's the 2:42 85 rpm version.

I wasn't able to find a free version of On The Dark Side but, seeing how Halloween is right around the corner, why not a spooky track about the Dark Side to start off your class Monday the 31st?

Welcome to the dark side by Bones2358
What are your favorite Spook Tracks?

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