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I like to interject songs into my playlist that people may find vaguely familiar but may not be able to put their finger on.  It”™s fun to watch them try to figure out who the band is while working away on their pedal stroke and heart rate/power training.  This is one of those “B-side” tunes.  It is an oldie, but at goodie, from Electric Light Orchestra”™s 1981 VINYL album, Time!  “Ticket to the Moon” is 4:09, with rpm at 82.  I am using it after a fairly intense climb- to bring HR back down closer to T1 and ride a road simulating around a 3% grade.  Nice instrumental breaks occur throughout the song for variety about every 30 seconds or so.

Here is ELO and “Ticket to the Moon”:  (What were YOU doing back in 1971-1986 when they were in their prime???)

Ticket to the moon in Spotify
Now this won't be for everyone, but this edgy rap remix of "Ticket to the Moon" may work for your class.
Ticket to the Moon by Faze Blue le'goon

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