Free Class Music from ICI/PROOver the next three weeks, I'll be sharing three great flat road mash up tracks. I've been using them consecutively, this first one as the intro of class, next week's second and the following week's third, building to a leg speed of 104 and bringing on a good sweat :).

My classes really love the mash ups, combining new and old tunes. I've been using a lot of them lately and they comment every time how much they like the music.

Today's track is a blend of recognizable songs. At 3:46 and 87 rpm's- it's perfect for getting peeps warmed up and engaged in class. Best of all, thanks to the great DJ's on Soundcloud, it's freeeeeeee!

Here's a mash up of Friction, Bob Marley and POD (gotta love it!) by DJ Schmolli:


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