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I subbed John's class tonight and used a new playlist. His class just lit up when this 66 rpm hill came up! It's a great funk tune (Re-recorded and Remastered) from a Cleveland based 80's group. It has that 'I recognize this' familiarity that our classes love.

Simply setting leg speed at 66 and asking them to stay just under AT, I just let them go for 4:43 (the Re-recorded/Remastered Spotify version).

Here's hoping you and your class have as much fun with Dazz's 'Let It Whip' as we did tonight.

And a really cool  free download re-mix from Soundcloud - they moved the link to the bottom of the player:

Here's a great free download mash up from Soundcloud:

Your Spotify link:

Dazz Band — Let It Whip (Re-recorded / Remastered)

And in Deezer.

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