Free Class Music from ICI/PROHappy November! Today's Free Music Friday started out in the normal fashion:

-Hear a tune I like

-Find it in Spotify

-Use it in a class profile; if it works well,  check  SoundCloud to see if there is a decent free download for you to use in your class. If there is, then the tune goes forward to you all in its original and free re-mixed versions.

Today is different!

The SoundCloud remix mash-up is so darn good, I'm just passing it along straight away.

'Take Your Mama', originally by Scissor Sisters (4:32 and 78 rpm's) is re-mixed with The Cure by Copy Correct. This remix mash-up is 4:02 - 90 rpm's and is in the key of D minor for those of you experimenting with Harmonic Mixing.

It's just a great funky tune that I've been using to take my class toward T2. It has the two elements I look for: recognition and a driving beat.

Here it is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have (remember to download asap, as the authors often limit downloads and we never know when the limit is reached):

Here's the Spotify link for the original by Scissor Sisters:

Scissor Sisters — Take Your Mama




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