Free Class Music from ICI/PROToday, we have a fun flat road from a band that pioneered the London acid jazz scene in the late 80's. Later they developed a sophisticated classic soul sound that's funky and motivating for our classes. Clocking in at 4:46 and rpm's of 97, I've been using this song as the last song in a 20 minute cadence build to threshold. Starting at 80 rpm's and building to 97 rpm's, this song perfectly finishes the build to anaerobic threshold. I use this cadence build smack in the middle of a 60 minute class.

I also love, love, love when I find a free download from SoundCloud that's every bit as fabulous as the original :).

So, here's The Brand New Heavies and "Sometimes":

Your Spotify download:

The Brand New Heavies — Sometimes

And in Deezer

And the fabulous SoundCloud free download (enjoy and download asap as these go quickly):


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