Free Class Music from ICI/PROSometimes a girl needs a little inspiration! And when I do, I simply run back to the dock at Nordstrom. Honestly, Tony (yes, his real name!), has the best music jamming at all times as he keeps things copacetic at the Mall of America ! In his own words, today he was on a roll!

Quincy Jones hired this group of brothers (and one cousin) in the 70's. Please, don't let that discourage you from reading on and using this 'record', as Cee Lo Green calls them.... Your class will recognize it and love it. Having heard this again today and recalling how much I love it, I'm using it for the first time in class on Saturday, as a 91 rpm flat road locking in at 5:00 early in.

I'm anxious to hear you and your class's reaction to The Brothers Johnson 'Strawberry 23'. I don't think I've ever introduced a tune I've not used and pre-approved in class before, but most will recognize this and the beat is wonderfully strong for a flat road.

Here's The Brothers Johnson and Strawberry 23:

The Spotify Link:

The Brothers Johnson — Strawberry Letter 23

And in Deezer

Here's your free SoundCloud download with a Reggae beat 5:30 and 82 bpm:

And here's the 7:44 minute 95 bpm one 🙂 :

Please remember to download as soon as possible, as I don't know how long the free downloads will be available!

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