Free Spinning Class Music from ICI/PRO
No, I don't do the whole "Friday the 13th" bit.
But today's Free Music Friday is a bit unconventional in that it's a number of very long songs that you could incorporate into one of your endurance classes.

I'm really getting into the whole "Zen" thing and Trance music at the right BPM is really working and my class seems to enjoy it 🙂

These tracks aren't on Spotify - but you can download it for free.
What's cool about Magic Show (15 mins @ 100 BPM) is there is a fade to 3 minutes of quiet at the end. Not normally what you want, but I suggest giving it a try. My experience is that everyone will stay quite and use the quiet as a time to recover - maybe get a drink - all without me needing to say anything.
Magic Show by David Steinlage
Here's an interesting flat @ 90 RPM
Asphodel_Kilka Godzin 90bpm by aszpen
And another at 94 RPM - my favorite of these three.
Deep in Coming Home 2007 by Shao_Italy


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