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We started watching "The Voice" because a friend of our daughter's got a '4 chair turn' in the auditions. (She didn't make it to the live shows). We continued watching "The Voice" because the talent was amazing.

The three finalists were all very different. My personal favorite, and the ultimate winner announced last night, is Tessanne Chin. Tessanne is from Jamaica. Jamaica is so loyal and devoted to their competitors. While John and I were there last week, we heard Tessanne's songs played over and over as the country cheered her on. We fell in love with her song 'Hideaway' from the 2007 Reggae Gold album. Don't be fooled by the soft start and 86 bpm reggae jam, because this 5:00 flat road song really breaks out at 3:00. I'll be using this in the middle of my class as a break away flat.

She was a powerhouse then and is unstoppable now! Look for great things from Tessanne Chin.

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