Free Class Music from ICI/PROJohn received this e mail last week:

John, My sister is really into spinning and recently became an instructor so I was browsing online to find resources to help her out in developing her mixes. Unfortunately I wasn't able to read all of your content because I'm not a paying member but from what I saw in the blog previews it looks pretty solid so I've forwarded my find on to her. What I really wanted to share with you was a song that you can use for your next mix. Full disclosure - this is my band's song - but I really think it'll fit for your spinning classes. Just take a quick listen and feel free to ignore if you don't think it's a match: Thanks for at least reading this far and keep up the excellent work on the site. Cheers, Brian

Almost Legendary's song is great! John and I used it in our New Year's Day 90 minute ride and our group loved it. At 73 rpm's and 3:41 it's a great climb. I inserted it in our profile after we assessed P2 and P1. We climbed in between these two thresholds.

I asked Brian more about Almost Legendary. The band was formed in 2009 in Atlanta Georgia. Brian is the only one in the band that rides and his sister is a Spinning instructor in London :). To learn more about the band, please visit their website:

Here's the free download of Tonight Becomes Tomorrow:

I think they sound a bit like Fall Out Boy. What do you think?

Thanks Brian and Happy New Year everyone!

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