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A slow and grinding climb of familiar origins (with a twist) is today's Free Music Friday.

Mash ups are great, but I also enjoy when older(ish) and newer artists, leave the tune alone and combine their unique talents. It achieves a really cool result.

Do you have people in your class that love to climb hard??? Me too! This one's for them! (And then I ask...beg...them to pedal at a flat road cadence later on).

The original version of "Sunshine of Your Love" is, of course, by Cream. And John also pointed out- it's one of the first guitar riffs learned by the wanna be future guitar players of the world!

The version I give you today via Spotify is by Santana and Rob Thomas- it's pretty darn fantastic. Coming in at 57 rpm's- remember, it's a grinding and demanding climb, and 4:43, it should leave your class wanting a bit of a recovery.

Enjoy! If you're in the "Polar Vortex"...I empathize...stay warm!

Here's the Spotify link:

Santana — Sunshine Of Your Love

And in Deezer

And a pretty decent free SoundCloud download:

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