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Like a good man-a good flat is sometimes hard to find 🙂

Got one for you this week though. Daughter Abby (our oldest) is STILL home from college and asked me to listen to this artist, as she is going to her concert in February.

She reminds me a bit of Alicia Keyes. Lots of soul and great musicality. Quite new to the music scene, her first album was released in October 2012, so you might not have heard of her... yet.

My latest profile is 3 climbs to AT with a flat in between. We are not recovering on the flats, but simply going back to ‘base”™ watts at high zone 2/ low zone 3, which we established early in our ride. I have been using ‘Til the Casket Drops”™ by ZZ Ward for one of the flat roads in between the climbs. At 3:06, and 88 rpm”™s, it is the perfect back-to-your-base motivational flat road tune.

ZZ Ward — Til the Casket Drops in Spotify.
Download an awesome acoustic version here for your free track.

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