Some profiles call for a slow, powerful song to really encourage everyone to crank on a bunch of gears. I love to transition to some some strength work in the middle of class, before everyone is fatigued. There's a nice place about 2:30 in where you can cue focused pedal technique.

If you really want to challenge your power class you might try this for fun. Have everyone dial up their FTP / PTP watts - at this very slow 60 RPM and then maintain it for the duration - or - if you're feeling frisky, you might throw in a few, short accelerations and then recover back to this slow grind. Here's where you might consider turning down the music so you can hear the breathing of their struggle.


This track AWOLNATION — Sail - Unlimited Gravity Remix and the free track are a bit faster @ 74 RPM - still both feature that very powerful downbeat that will have even your most rhythmic challenged pounding along with the song.



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