Free Class Music from ICI/PROI love rediscovering an old favorite! Included in this playlist Give Me Good Lovin' 021413 from Schwinn Master Trainer Jeffrey Scott is a long forgotten gem from my Disco days.

It's not uncommon for me to give a special introduction to an old track like ABC's — The Look Of Love (Part 1) :

Now I realise that many of you were in diapers when this came out, and the rest of you weren't even born. But the late 70's early 80's were a very special time for me. You see whenever I hear music from my late teens and early 20's, I'm reminded of when I had great hair... and a lot of it 🙂

That almost always get's a few knowing smiles. The average age at our club must be in the mid 40's.

Here's a 7 minute remix that I used last night during the long (20 minute) grinding climb to the summit of Mt. Mitchell that finishes Epic Planet's Blue Ridge Indoor Cycling DVD. They worked together awesomely. The slow 60 RPM cadence gets everyone working with the proper resistance. We then transition to something a bit faster, moving more of the work to their cardiovascular system, for the remaining 13 minutes. A real killer but they appeared to enjoy survive it. Here's a link to my Epic Blue Ridge PRO/Playlist. You'll need this free track to complete the playlist 🙂

Epic Indoor Cycling Training DVD Video

20 minutes of climbing bliss.

Epic Planet's Blue Ridge Indoor Cycling DVD


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