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Sometimes it's about taking a deep breath, hunkering down into the bars, focusing and seeing what we can do. Today's music is exactly what that's about. At 94 rpm's, this very chill tune lends itself towards self reflection and deep intense work, with great opportunity for coaching.

Have you noticed often our participants equate hills with intensity and flats with easier work? I wonder when that happened? Oh contraire! This song is a 'sleeper', as I ask them to add 10 watts (from base) each 30 seconds (total 8 times), holding cadence at 94. Wow are we pushing by 4:00, ending at 4:28.

No power? No problem! Just pedal away in time to the music at 94 rpm's and add load as described above. Before we had power meters, I would have the group look in the mirror and compare their leg speed to mine as a cadence meter if they couldn't hear it in the music.

Enjoy "All I Need" from the French Electronica band- Air.

Your Spotify link: Air — All I Need and Deezer 

The free SoundCloud download (don't wait, this version is good too!):

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