Free Class Music from ICI/PRO

Some music is "interesting".

I'm not quite sure how else to describe it. Catchy, invigorating and instantly (to me anyways) ID'd as a track I would Shazam. But this time I didn't need to. All it took to discover the name was walking into older daughter Abby's room and ask what she was listening to.

Quick tip: If you're ever in a music funk find a college student (doesn't need to be your own - anyone at random will work) and ask; "what are you listening to?" They're always listening to something... and some may actually be good 🙂

Chase & Status — End Credits is an interesting song. It starts out as a nice little acoustic number, with a friendly flat road tempo. But at about a minute in it gets, interesting.

I've used this track Chase & Status — Pieces in the past - another very interesting composition. In both cases you can use the flip in personality to communicate a drastic change in intensity.

If you're not seeing a download button you can use this link.


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