Free Class Music from ICI/PRO

I'm not aware of anything that would be more intense than riding a motorcycle through city streets, at speeds approaching 200MPH!

So if I was producing a video like the one below and it featured some very intense footage from last year's Isle Of Man TT road race, I'd want to use a soundtrack that communicated to the viewer exactly what what they were seeing.

This track from Within Temption was their choice - and our free track of the week.

Within Temptation — Faster may count at 62 RPM - but it's also one of those tracks where you can ignore the tempo and just go faster!

For some of you who may know my history, I raced motorcycles like these back in the 80's. Intense to be sure, but on a real race track, with nothing soild to hit if you fall. These guys (and yes there's a few gals who do this) are crazy. Riding at 180mph+, along roads with curbs, light poles and stone walls you can hit are IMO certifiably nuts... people die doing this... but it's very fun to watch.


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