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It's one of those happy / sad days here at our house.  Tonight is our last High School Prom - our baby Carly is all grown up! And her sister Abby drove away at 7:00 am this morning. Day-one of her "big girl" job at Enterprise Car Rental. But again, that's what kids do.

If you have kids you may relate to this; both Amy and I recognize specific traits, behaviors, attitudes in our kids and we tend to want to claim ownership, at least to the good ones, as coming from us. And of course the negative behaviors are obviously always coming from the other 🙂

But what if your kids could have a perfect mix? A mix of only the best attributes?

It's a fun fantasy and it's a little to late for us... but if you have young kids there's no reason not to start trying!

No, you can't make a perfect mix of kids, but it is possible to create a perfect mix of music. In this case a mashup of these two very entertaining songs.

Start with Set fire to the rain - Adele (that link is a cover in Spotify) and mix it thoroughly with We are young from the band Fun.

And you get this awesome Mashup - listen to it and experience something that you don't hear often; the convergence of two different BPM songs where the tempo adjustment happens a third of the way into the song. Let me know if you can pick out the change!

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Here are the originals


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