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Don”™t you just love a good cover?  It has to be done well, but there is something about great memories, an old tune and current nuances that make for a great addition to our classes and our members really enjoy them.  This one makes for a good climb at 57 rpm”™s, but it is pretty “chill” as our daughters like to say.   I cue my class to add a good amount of load for an out of the saddle climb that will allow them to work without going to threshold.  It is good practice for them to get up and out of the saddle with plenty of load, yet keep their heart rates reigned in.  (We still have way too much crazy stuff going on in the cycle studio).  I hope you like this flashback, from the early ‘70”™s as much as I do.  It”™s Seal, from his Soul 2 album and “I”™ll Be Around”.    I included the links for the original group, The Spinners, on a Soul Train episode (fun watching!) and a Hall and Oates cover that has a completely different feel.   Happy Memorial Day.  I hope you can all get some good riding in this weekend.

I would also like to wish my handsome husband happy 51st birthday 🙂

Another great cover from Hall and Oates:

And of course, the original by The Spinners on Soul Train circa 1972:

And here's another cover for your free track

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