Free Class Music from ICI/PRO

I love when I find a track that will put my class on autopilot - one where I could close my eyes and ride, knowing all my riders will instinctively know what to do and follow along will little or no cuing from me!

Listen to this track Five Hours from Deorro and let me know if you agree. I'm using Five Hours as the second track in this playlist May 22 Class.

Track two in my classes are normally where I take everyone through a series of accelerations to "open" their cardiovascular system. These are a series of pushes that increase in intensity - hopefully to threshold or just beyond.

Here's how it breaks down:

  1. :0 to :51 building load
  2. :52 to 1:50 standing run with resistance
  3. 1:51 to 2:17 recover/slow pedals
  4. 2:18 to 2:23 building leg speed
  5. 2:24 to 2:52 BIG EFFORT - PUSH
  6. 2:53 to 3:07 recover
  7. 3:08 to 3:53 standing run with resistance
  8. 3:54 to 4:17 recover
  9. 4:18 to 4:53 BIG EFFORT - PUSH
  10. Taper until the end.

This free remix download is missing the early tempo changes and the actual timing is different, but the changes in intensity are all there for you and your class to enjoy 🙂


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