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Our family was watching a movie the other night (Side Effects with Jude Law, Channing Tatum and Catherine Zeta-Jones. It”™s a great psychological thriller!) A fantastic song came on as the credits were rolling and I am incorporating it into my profile this week.

Thievery Corporation”™s ‘Forgotten People” from their 2008 Radio Retaliation album is a quick flat road (3:13, 97 bpm) to use for soft pedaling and recovery, or sprint work.

Here”™s hoping you enjoy this song as much as we did!

Sometimes I never know what I'll find when I look for a free version to offer you. After striking out on Forgotten People (which was too good not to share) I clicked the related artists tab and discovered Air and in specific Air — Alone in kyoto.
Try out these remixes.


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