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Have you been enjoying the plethora of music from last week?  Please reach out to Peter and thank him when you have a moment :).

Today brings us to a 63 bpm 5:25  driving climb full of surprises from this American rock band from Tennessee. Extra measures build at the 2:00 mark and add nice intensity to coach our classes out of the saddle- we need to know the extra beats here though! I've gotten caught counting it down too early.

A nice chant at 3:25 with just clapping in the background is a great opportunity for some motivational cueing. I like to get off my bike here and walk around.

"Don't go crying to your momma, cuz your on your own in the real world!"....

Paramore and 'Ain't It Fun....Livin' in the Real World'

On Spotify:

Paramore — Ain't It Fun - Smash Mode Remix

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