Today I am featuring a cover by a Canadian-American, singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer and actress. It is a rare day when I like a cover as well as the original,
but this 53 rpm climb at a total of 3:41 rocks. Seal”™s “Crazy” mixed up by Alanis Morissette is great. She opens up her vocals and gives it a whole new feel. The
beat stays steady throughout and I use this 45 minutes into class when energy may be waning just a bit. It tends to pick class right up again.

For you Spotify users, here's the link.

Update: this was a very popular track and we reached the download limit much quicker than normal. In it's place please enjoy this remix of another great Seal song - Amazing
Seal - Amazing (Thin White Duke Main Mix) by hralupka
Here it is on Spotify

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