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One of the benefits to teaching with OPM (other people's music) is that it forces you out of the safe/comfortable/familiar box you've drawn around yourself. In the past, my musical "box" has limited me to selecting my class music a bit like this:

Interesting little Spotify playlist you have here...

Love it...

Going to use this exactly as you've constructed it...

Well except this Britney Spears track, no way I'd play that in my class...

Pitbull? Eh, no thanks... Not quite my style.

And that cheezie "Tabata" track you've got there near the end? What's up with that? I don't think so... that wouldn't be me... I think I'll just copy most of your tracks into a playlist of my own and add in a few more "appropriate" tracks to replace those that just don't quite fit into my safe/comfortable/familiar box.

We see that our PRO/Playlists are viewed thousands of times in Spotify and Deezer, but a relatively small number are actually followed. What's the difference? You can't alter a playlist you've Followed. You have to use it As Is. You can't meddle or mess with it. You can only hit play and follow where it takes you and your class.

In case you missed it, we discussed what I called; The Great Spotify Enigma back in February. It included a survey where ICI/PRO members communicated they did pretty much what I describe above; Instructors tend to pick and choose songs, rather than Follow and use the playlist as originally constructed. Which is fine, if you're content with staying in your Box.

But I've found that people in my class didn't express much appreciation for the music in my Box.

They do when I use music from Chris, Amy, Julz, Krista, Cameron and other's who I follow on Spotify.  

So if you Followed (and used) Chris Hawthorne's latest profile High Intensity Supersets PRO/Playlist you lead your class through two Tabata rounds. Maybe I should have said; the voice in the music lead you and your class through two Tabata rounds. I used this playlist last night and got the inevitable; "that was really cool tonight, John" that reinforces my transition to using OPM 🙂

Both Spotify and Deezer offer large selections of Tabata tracks.

For your free track I found a Tabata track without any voice-over, and yet the timing of each interval/recovery is unmistakable.

Please let me know if you're willing to give it a try.





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