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I have a confession to make: Unlike John, I am terrible at using OPM (other people's music) or other people's playlists. See his post here. It just doesn't ever seem to feel right to me and I can't make it my own.

Enter Spotify...I have become a 'creeper' as my kids call it. Every time I see certain people have been 'listening' to something on Spotify I perk right up and research it. More often than not, I find some great treasures for my playlists.

The #1 person I 'creep' on didn't let me down this week! (He would probably die if he knew I love what he listens to).

Rudimental's 'Right Here" at 82 rpm at 5:37 is a very nice Tabata training tune and flat road all at the same time. I used this yesterday for 10 driving Tabata intervals.  It's such a nice change from the normal "cheezie" Tabata music, which always seems to be 60-68 rpm's. And, the steel drums at the intro definitely help set the mood!

Here's your Spotify link:

Rudimental — Right Here - feat. Foxes

And your free download:


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