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All it takes is a 22 year old to keep me out of my box. Today we have another suggestion thanks to 'Abby is listening to.....on Spotify'. This song has been a good surprise for my group as I lead them out of a moderate climb. They are accustomed to another moderate road, but not this profile! I take them out of a 74 rpm climb into a 99 rpm sprint match with their neighboring rider.  It's fun and gets them interacting a bit without being too invasive (they don't really like 'buddy' work, but do enjoy a bit of friendly competition). This tune has a pulsing 99 rpm beat, but is not overwhelming with loud vocals, so they can talk and encourage each other through the 3:47 sprint.

I hope you and your class will have as much fun with Drake's 'Hold On, We're Going Home', as we have. You may also shock them a bit by having Drake in your playlist. I know I did. If John picks this tune up, his class will definitely know he's using OPM (other people's music)!

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Drake — Hold On, We're Going Home

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