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Today”™s Friday Favorite is a fun little 70 rpm tune that is perfect for lifts.   Now, I don”™t want to start a whole controversy about whether we should or should not do lifts (jumps), etc.  IF you like to use them, and coach them responsibly in your class (why do I feel like I am talking about drinking with my teenage and almost 21 year old daughters here?), then this is a great song by Jessie James to do 8 count lifts to. There is a great little break out at 2:20 to 2:25 that you can play with and look extremely practiced and professional with.  Total studio cut time is 3:55 and it is from her self-titled CD.  You may also recognize the song from the “Shopaholic” soundtrack.  Have some fun practicing your lift cues 4 counts before the lift or lower needs to occur.  Your class will appreciate the advanced notice!  If you are not a “jumper”, this is a great fast climb song as well.

Here's Blue Jeans on Spotify
And here is your free track of the week. It's not from Jessie James, but another recommended artist from Spotify; Fefe Dobson. Click the little down arrow on the right hand side of the player to download.
Stuttering by Steffi17

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