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This Friday brings a change of pace with a hard driving climb. If you enjoy a great bass line, this song will rock your socks.

A British alternative rock band, self described as 'techno-pop punk rock', with a lead singer from Nigeria, this band originated in 1994 and was most popular in the late 90's. They reunited in 2008 and continue to perform today.

What's so fun about this song is our group vaguely recognizes it and we can use that to our advantage as we coach them through the 5 minute 65 rpm push.

'Ready To Go' by Republica is just a great IC song- straight up! I've been known to play 'Name that band' every once in a while and this is a great song to do it with.

I also say, "Are you ready to go?, because we are already gone"....that fires them up to work at AT.

I REALLY like the free download from Soundcloud. A Chris Chambers edit. I might even like it better than the original, so hurry and download it while the downloading is good!

Your Spotify link: Republica — Ready To Go and Deezer

And the fabulous Chris Chambers edit free Soundcloud download:


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