Free Class Music from ICI/PROYou'll need to excuse me as I wrap myself in some favorite drug music of my youth today. I've been building a playlist to use with the new Pensacola Stage Race video.

The first half was easy. Basic stuff; a warmup + a few openers for the 10 minute Road Race. Then a steady, 90ish ten minute track for the Time Trial. Easy.

But where I'm struggling is deciding on the perfect music for the 30 minute Criterium...

I've already picked the opening track for the Crit start. Actually it was a no-brainer - Highway Star from Deep Purple.

Criterium efforts are broken down as; Straight / Corner / Excelerate - Repeat.

Highway Star is @ 87 RPM - right where you want to be on the fast flat between corners.

I'll let you know this weekend what I come up with for the rest...

Deep Purple — Highway Star - 1997 Remix in Spotify


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